Sandy Creek Baptist Association
Thursday, December 01, 2022
On Mission For The Glory Of God

Local Missions

Baptist Children's Homes
(Though the official workdays are in May, they will always welcome volunteers)  
Kennedy Home (Kinston)
For more information contact Reggie Newby at (252)527-4405 or
Camp Duncan (Aberdeen)
For more information cantact Paul Daley at (910)944-3077 or
Oak Ranch (Sanford)
For more information contact Bill Brummett at (919)258-5437 or
Cameron Boys Camp (Cameron)
For more information contact Tim Gibson at (910)245-4034 or
Mills Home (Thomasville)
For more information contact Linda Taylor at (336)474-1254 or
Odum Home (Pembroke)
For more information contact Kathy Locklear at (910)521-3433 or
The Reachout Crisis Pregnancy Center (403 Carthage St, Sanford, NC)
always has need of volunteers and more. 
Contact...Dianna Andrews, Executive Director, at 919-292-2657 or email her at     
Christians United Outreach Center of Lee County
Teresa H. Dew
Executive Director
Christians United Outreach Center of Lee County
P.O. Box 2217
Sanford, NC 27331
(919) 774-8485


The Bread Basket is a Non-profit Organization dedicated to feeding the needy.

 There is a great need for volunteers and food! The large number of people being fed daily indicates that there is a real need for this mission. Food is also supplied to some other charitable groups such as the Men’s and Women’s shelter, the Enrichment center, Haven and some individual home bound cases. Would your church consider having a food drive for this ministry? The need is great.

If you want a blessing, volunteer to cook, serve, or pick up food for people who are so appreciative and who might otherwise go hungry.   Please consider joining a group of 6 to 8 people to serve in this ministry. They arrive about 8:30 am, serve from 11:00-12:30 and then clean up. Most groups provide their own cooks and others will ask for a cook to be provided for them. If you need more information or have questions, call Elisabeth Wilkinson at           919-776-7143 or email:


Ideas for Mission Projects that families can do together all year round.
Family Missions
Doing missions with those you love is an exciting concept. And when your family includes children, it
provides a model of Christian love and compassion that they will never forget.
I. Children
1)      Outgrown clothes. Go through family clothes and take items that your children have outgrown to a clothes closet in time for needy children to get them before school starts. Try spending some time at the clothes closet
helping to sort the clothing.
2)      Outfit newborns. Shop for baby items and donate them to the county health department or other agencies for needy mothers-to-be.
3)      Visit the sick. Deliver homemade cards, Sunday School leaflets, children’s books or puzzles to patients on the children’s ward of a hospital.
4)      Camp for children of prisoners. During the summer, NCBM and WMU sponsor Camp Angel Tree, Camps for boys and girls who have a parent in prison. Offer to provide funds for a boy or girl to come to camp, provide
transportation for a child from your area to Camp Caraway or Mundo Vista where the special camps are held or purchase a new outfit for the camper before he comes. (Call the NCBM office for more information 1-800-395-5102).
5)      Adopt-a-child. “Adopt” a child in your area who has a parent in prison. Invite this child to family outings and church activities.
6)      Clean up a playground. Find an inner city playground or another place where children play on a regular basis, and pick up trash.
7)      Host a field day. Host a game day in your neighborhood. Plan fun games, relay races and refreshments. Invite parents to serve as judges or helpers. Invite some of your church friends so that your neighborhood friends can get to know them.
8)      Outfit for school. Provide school supplies for a needy child.
9)      Backyard Bible Club. Lead a Backyard Bible Club in an apartment complex or a mobile home park.  Preschoolers and children can tell the Bible stories or sing some of the songs as well as help distribute promotion about the club.
II. Missionaries & their families
10)   Visit missionaries. If there are missionaries on furlough in your neighborhood, call and ask if you might visit with them. Ask all kinds of questions about their work and field of service. Consider giving them a gift to take back to the field with them. 
11)   Visit missionaries. If there are missionaries on furlough in your neighborhood, call and ask if you might visit with them. Ask all kinds of questions about their work and field of service.  Consider giving them a gift to take back to the field with them.
III. Service Providers
12)   Bus drivers, Put together some type of care package for the bus drivers of your school. Let them know how much you appreciate the important but many times thankless job they do. Also, let them know you will be praying for them as they drive the bus each day.
13)   Sanitation workers. Leave cold drinks and a note of thanks to the men and women who pick up your garbage or recyclables.
14)   Mail carriers. Leave a bag of homemade goodies for your mail carrier with a note of thanks.
IV. Senior Adults
15)   Grocery shopping. Grocery shop for an elderly person who cannot drive to the store.
16)   Adopt-a-grandparent. Go to an area nursing home and ask the director what resident would be a good one for your family to adopt. Consider choosing a resident who rarely has visitor. Spend time with this person monthly and remember this person on special days such as birthdays, Christmas, etc. Offer to take them to church on a regular
basis or for special services.
17)   Tape a program. Audio or videotape a special program for homebound persons in your community and take it to them. The program might be a special service at your church or it might be one your family creates. 
18)   Family work day. Lead your family to have a work day for an elderly person in your neighborhood who may need help with yard work or other chores.
19)   Bring outdoor beauty. Plant flowers in the yard of an elderly neighbor or build a birdhouse to hang outside their window.
20)   Reading club. Start a reading club with the latest books published on missions. Take turns giving book reviews.
21)   Write to your parents or grandparents. Send a family picture and write just to tell them that you love them.
V. Vacations
22)   Vacation Bible School. Plan to use vacation time to lead a VBS or just gather folks for Bible Stories & songs.
VI. Single Parent Families
23)   Parent’s night out. Provide child care to a single parent in your neighborhood. Start a once-a-month parent’s night out.
24)   Singles ministry. Begin a Bible Study on Saturday afternoons for singles in your neighborhood or apartment complex.
VII. Victims of tragedy/crisis
25)   Provide comfort and hope. Read the local newspaper to discover people who have had a tragic loss due to fire, flooding, death, etc. Determine with our family ways that you can provide comfort and hope as you minister to these people.
26)   Help the homeless. Volunteer one day at a homeless shelter, managing a clothes closet, serving meals, or just offering conversation.
27)   Cook for the hungry. Check out the feeding locations in your city or town to see if you can help buy supplies, prepare meals, or do cleanup.
28)   Food distribution. Volunteer to assist with Meals on Wheels in your community.
29)   Grocery shopping. When you shop for groceries, but at least one extra nonperishable food item per family member.  Then, at the end of the month, take your donations to your church food closet or a local food pantry.
30)   Build houses. Check in your neighborhood to see if Habitat for Humanity is building some houses. Adults might help with the construction. Children might help with clearing the land. Or check with your church to see if there’s a home in the neighborhood that needs some repair which the owners can’t do.
VIII. New Neighbors
31)   New students. Find out from your school names of all the new students in the area. Make a home visit and offer to meet them on the first day of school. Escort them and show them around, introduce them to teachers and other students.
32)   Family cookout. Invite a new family in your neighborhood to a family cookout. Then ask them to come to church with you.
33)   International neighbors, Invite a family from another country who lives in your neighborhood t a meal or family outing. See if they need anything to help them get settled in the US. Invite them to attend church with you.
IX. Other
34)   Prayer list. As a family, compile a prayer list of all those people that you are going to be interacting with during the next school year – teachers, coaches, students, etc. Choose a time when the family will gather specifically to pray for them. Begin in August.
35)   Missions Weekend. With August being the last month of the summer, dedicate one weekend as a family weekend.  Plan one missions activity to do during that weekend as a family.
36)   Sacrifice for missions. Lead your family to give up a certain item (soft drinks, video’s, etc.) for the entire month of August and give the money you would have spent on it to local mission needs or to the NC Missions Offering.