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Sunday, March 07, 2021
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Ministry Placement

Forms That May Prove Helpful In The Search Process:  Listed below are several forms that are helpful in the search process.  Feel free to download and adapt to the needs of your particular member church.  For "Ten Commandments For A Pastor Search Committee," click here.

  • Background Check Release Form  - Permission Form to use to do credit and background checks on candidates. SCBA strongly advises her member churches to do background checks.
  • Church Survey - A sample survey for church members regarding preferences with regard to the characteristics desired in their pastor and  their view of needs within the church.   This may be revised to assist the church in both determining the needs of the church and the church expectations of a prospective minister.  Be advised, this tool should not overshadow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the search process.
  • Comparison Of Baptist Faith and Message 1925, 1963, and 2000   Much is said in today's climate about the BFM yet many church members are not aware of what either BFM says.  To that end, we supply this comparison chart.
  • Interim Pastor Covenant Sample   This is provided as a guide to our member churches.  Feel free to adapt to the individual needs of your church.  Pay calculator for interim pastor:   click here.
  • Pastor Covenant Sample  A covenant between church and pastor often times clarifies expectations and avoids unnecessary conflicts.  This sample is provided as a guide for our member churches.  Feel free to adapt to your churches individual needs/expectations.
  • Pastor-Church Relations Committee Explanation and Pastoral Assessment Tool   Another tool that may avoid conflict and assist in the long-term effectiveness of the church's ministry is a Pastor-Church Relations Committee.  This is provided and can be adapted to meet your church needs.
  • DOM Reference Form  - Form to send to current DOM/Associational Missionary with specific questions regarding the candidate. SCBA recommends that the search committee always speak with the Director of Missions/Associational Missionary where the prospective candidate currently serves whether he is listed as a reference or not on the candidate's resume.
  • Telephone Interview Sheet:  This form allows you to have a uniform sheet to use when contacting references on a candidate.  As with all our documents, feel free to adapt to your particular church needs/questions.
  • Candidate Rating Form:  This particular form was designed by a church after a church survey was taken.  In review of resumes submitted, the committee always addressed the expectations spelled out by the church by using this form.  It should be noted that the church ultimately called an individual that did NOT meet all their criteria (the candidate the chose did not have the experience as a senior pastor but did have many years experience in an associate position). 
  • Prospective Candidate Sample Questions:  This document is prepared to provide some basic questions for the search committee.
  • Information On Compensation Package:  Some basic information for the search committee related to preparing proper compensation for a prospective pastor.
  • Telephone Reference Form:  A form designed to answer necessary questions when speaking with a reference by telephone.