Sandy Creek Baptist Association
Sunday, April 05, 2020
An Association Of The Future; Rooted In Our Heritage And Growing Toward God's Design

What's New In The Library?

"Safety On The Internet” is a DVD produced by Protect Every Child, a non-profit organization. 
This DVD teaches children and parents how to stay safe while using the internet. Children innocently
give away information that can lead a child predator right to their door. This is an excellent teaching tool. 
Call the SCBA office to reserve this DVD.


  What’s new in the Resource Center? 

 A Bible Study Kit for MEN —
"Man of His Word: Calling Men to Integrity & Leadership"
By Adrian Rogers
Lesson 1. Called to Believe:  A Man in Christ
Lesson 2. Called to Love:  A Man and His Wife
Lesson 3. Called to Nurture:  A Man and His Children
Lesson 4. Called to Serve:  A Man and His Church
Lesson 5. Called to Labor:  A Man and His Career
Lesson 6. Called to Manage:  A Man and His Money
Lesson 7. Called to Lead:  A Man in the Marketplace
Lesson 8. Called to Stand:  A Man and His Mission
"The Man Code:  Unlocking the Potential of Life's Most Important Relationships”
by Dennis Swanberg. 
Six Sessions Men Need To Hear!
 1. "Lighten Up So You Can Man Up!"
2. "Don't Leave Home Without Him!"
3. "Four Words Every Man Wants To Hear!"
4. "Shaped And Sharpened By A Few Good Men!"
5. "What You Need More Than It Needs You!"
6. "Man Up For The Multipled Life!"
Be the first to get this. Call the SCBA office to reserve this for the men of your church.
 A Bible Study Kit for WOMEN
"Loved by God, Trusting His Promises & Experiencing His Blessings"
by Liz Curtis Higgs
Introduction:  Welcome to the Family!  God's plan for Us Are Bigger Than We Can Imagine
Week 1. Sibling Rivalry:  God Honors His Promises, Even When We Don't
Week 2. Running From God:  God Knows All About Prodigal Children
Week 3. A Dream Come True:  God's Love Knows No Bounds
Week 4. Blinded By Love:  Man Looks at the Outward Appearance; God Looks at the Heart
Week 5. A Deceiver Deceived:  God Disciplines the Ones He Loves
Week 6. A Heart For God:  God's Love Is Powerful Enough to Change Our Hearts

 A Bible Study Kit for COUPLES -

"A Biblical Marriage In A Broken World:  Building a Relationship that Will Go the Distance" by Danny Akin.

Six Lessons To Strengthen Your Marriage!
1. "Our One True Love:  Great Marriages Happen When God Is In Control"
2. "Whan A Man Loves A Woman:  Be All The Husband She Needs You To Be"
3. "Putting Your Husband Where Your Heart Is:  Be The Irresistible Wife And The Focus Of His Love"
4. "Men Are From Earth, Women Are From Earth:  Deal With It"
5. "Getting 'Real' For A Great Relationship:  Strengthen Your Bond Through Acceptance And Blessing"
6. "God's Guidelines For Growing Good Kids:  It's Not That Hard If You Do A Few Things Right"
Call ahead to reserve this study for your church.


A Bible Study Kit for YOUTH -

Essentials:  Digging Deeper Into The True Meaning Of Life"  by Clayton King.

Four Important Lessosn For Youth
1. "Purpose:  Why Am I Here?"
2. "Person:  Who Am I?"
3. "Place:  Where Do I Belong?"
4. "Passion:  What Is My Driving Desire?"
"Clayton taught this material to our students and it changed our church culture.  A great resource!" 
(Chuck Thompson - Student Pastor: Apex Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC)